As a teddy bear, I generally tend to be on the plump side. This is not actually my fault.
It is Chef Sam’s fault! She feeds me well, to say the least.
In this mini blog, I will post as many recipes as Chef sam will allow. (I’ve already asked her for her delectible Chocolate cake recipe, but she refuses! She keeps it locked away and sleeps with the key under her pillow!)
I will also share some special recipes from other chefs and cakers from all around the world! (How exciting, foreign delicacies! Yum.)
Please have a look, and if you do end up using any of these recipes, please take photos and share it on Chef Sam’s Facebook page!
I love to see delicious food being made and eaten!
I’m going to the kitchen now, Chef Sam’s bound to have some cakes on cooling racks that I can shove into my jacket pocket while she’s not looking!
I wish you Happy cooking and Joyful baking!!
Cuddly Teddy hugs and kisses, Love from Fudge.

Summer Fresh Bacon and Prawn Skewers

An awesome summer recipe just for the two of you!
Try preparing these at home and cook them on a camping stove at the beach with your significant other on valentine’s day!
Very romantic, tasty and juicy… you will love these.

(Just keep them in a cooler box until you’re ready to cook them, food poisoning on valentine’s day is not very attractive.)

I’m so glad Chef Sam allowed me to share this with you.

I’m hoping to stow away in her bag next time she goes shopping so I can sneek the ingredients into her trolley while she’s not looking!

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Fudge Picasso Cake from Maggie at Memorable Occasions

My family’s favourite cake is a Fudge Picasso Cake that I downloaded a couple of years ago. It is a very rich cake and irresistible, so I don’t make it often. (Have to watch my weight continuously!)” - Maggie Visser

Ooh, Maggie, my dear friend… you had me at ‘Fudge”!

Maggie discovered this recipe one day on a walk through Google Land. Unfortunately we do not know the original author, so if you happen upon this article and the name rings a bell, please let us know who designed this original recipe.

Lots of love from your favourite (very round) teddy bear chef, Fudge.

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Vanilla Cupcakes from Lana at Couture Cupcakes

I love being creative and putting together gorgeous things so this was the perfect opportunity to balance a corporate job while still being able to do something creative and fun.” - Lana Joubert

This recipe from Couture Cupcakes has been passed down to Lana and now to us by her mother.
Lana whispered in my ear that she loves just eating spoonfuls of the raw mixture before baking! Ooh, yummy! I can’t wait to try this one!

Love Fudge, your favourite teddy bear chef!

More cakes by Lana can be found here
For a full interview on Lana Joubert please visit Chef Sam’s Blog

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Olive stuffed chicken thighs

This dish has typical Mediterranean flavours. It is perfect for a summer picnic, or an early evening dinner. Try to always use chicken on the bone, and of course with the skin on, as apposed to filleted chicken. The bones tend to give off a lot of moisture while roasting and you stuff the mixture under the skin, which keeps the moisture in as well as giving off flavour.
Stuffing the chicken in this way will ensure that the flavours are absorbed deeply into the flesh; therefore giving a very tasty end result.
The same principle can be used with any kind of stuffing, so let your imagination run wild!
In this specific stuffing, Chef Sam uses mission olives, as these are a lot milder than the more commonly used calamata variety. If a stronger end result is desired, use a stronger variety of olive.
Yum! Enjoy!

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Chef Sam’s Butter Biscuits

This is the recipe for Chef Sam’s delectibly delicious butter biscuits.
They just melt in your mouth, and have a smooth, delicate flavour.
If you are not a big fan of baking, that’s OK, you can order these flavoursome biscuits from Chef Sam, with beautiful designs!

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