Olive stuffed chicken thighs

This dish has typical Mediterranean flavours. It is perfect for a summer picnic, or an early evening dinner. Try to always use chicken on the bone, and of course with the skin on, as apposed to filleted chicken. The bones tend to give off a lot of moisture while roasting and you stuff the mixture under the skin, which keeps the moisture in as well as giving off flavour.
Stuffing the chicken in this way will ensure that the flavours are absorbed deeply into the flesh; therefore giving a very tasty end result.
The same principle can be used with any kind of stuffing, so let your imagination run wild!
In this specific stuffing, Chef Sam uses mission olives, as these are a lot milder than the more commonly used calamata variety. If a stronger end result is desired, use a stronger variety of olive.
Yum! Enjoy!

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